Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Democracy or hypocrisy?
Which one makes allusion to fantasy?
Both!! They are the basis of their policy.
They shaped it according to their tendency.
It's the work of a skilled illusionist,
Or one who is adept at sorcery
To prevent us to think or see
Their deepest intentions and their hidden iniquity.
They substituted our true thoughts with a fancy
So as to see only their hand-made scenery.

For the sake of the so-called transparency,
They suffocated our privacy,
Stripped our intimacy,
And spoiled our harmony.
So bewildered, we lost our initial itinerary
We gulped down a glass softened by a tactful solemnity,
Till we felt inebriated by false sincerity.
Then, they smoothly made their foe our enemy.

In the name of democracy,
They have worn the costume of hypocrisy.
One is celebrating the growth of his company
And the other is feting a shameful victory.
Beware!! It's an ancient conspiracy,
Which became a right and a legacy.
Hey!!! Wake up!! It's the twenty-first century
Our motto is: no more lies and irony

© Chaouki Mkaddem
June 30, 2010

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