Thursday, 6 March 2014

Just Listen!

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Your issues with feminine gender
And belief that women only hinder
Are but bigotry wrapped in anger

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Be cool and don't lose your temper
Why don't you pause and ponder
And see women's luster and splendor?

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Think of your roots and first ancestor
And how all of you get a successor
Certainly, there's always a great partner

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
You certainly have a grandma and mother
And maybe an aunt, daughter or sister
Think how they made your dreams broader

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Scroll through history with a wise cursor
And sail into the wide blue yonder
You will see you had the wrong number

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Your chauvinism and attempts to murder
Her ambitions, creativity and ardor
Just strengthen her and boost her willpower

Just listen! I won't tell you any wonder
Be honest! Are your claims a mere blunder?
Seek truth deep in you or any further
Don't you think it's time to surrender?

© Chaouki M'kaddem
March 6th, 2014

Monday, 24 February 2014

What a Rhyme!

Once upon a time
Souls drenched in grime
Wanted words to rhyme
Sought immorality and crime
The framework of their paradigm
That inspired the craved rhyme:

Fake democracy is our best policy
To conceal our conspiracy
And veil our greed and hypocrisy
Grass roots follow our tendency
In the name of transparency
Which will be our long-life currency

Luckily, there are honest souls
Sworn to sublime goals
To eradicate these hellholes
Kill off the voracious voles
Restore democracy's real roles
And harmonize different souls

© Chaouki M’kaddem
February 21st, 2014

See How You Create Liars and Crooks

He's become a wardrobe full of cloaks
Like a lizard with different looks
To please your tastes, selfish folks
You drove him to pretend and coax
And custom-make a vesture of hoax
To fit the characters in your own books

© Chaouki M’kaddem
February 19th, 2014

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Life Has Roots

He who says past is past is a liar
A dormant volcano hides fire
Memories are there; they never expire
Their resurrection rejuvenates all desire
To make of you a dreamer and a lofty aspirer
Past, Present, Future are but a circuit with no wire

© Chaouki M’kaddem
February 1st, 2014

Listen to a Citizen!

Blah... Blah... Blah...
Hush and hold still!
You sent me through the mill
You made my head a landfill
You're only casting a chill
That chains both my soul and will

You've made me constantly ill
You're no longer a bitter pill
It seems you don't know the drill
Leave the stage to those who fit the bill
As you're already over the hill

© Chaouki M’kaddem
January 22nd, 2014

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Piercing Cry

She turned into a yellowish leaf
Due to despair and abiding grief
Wishing it to end or be brief
Nonchalance killed her belief
In kindness or any hasty relief

She was about to die
None heard her sigh
She sent a piercing cry
Roaring in the sky
Burdened with a huge 'why?'

Why have you taken a stand,
Not to care or lend a hand?
Why can't you be a real friend?
You're just living in dreamland
Where your life is built on sand

© Chaouki M’kaddem
January 11th, 2014

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Own Cogito

I won't be able to think after death.
Thus, if I stop thinking, I'll pass away.
I won't be able to learn after death.

Thus, if I stop learning I'll die.

People will use the knowledge I taught.

Thus, I am an immortal teacher.
People will read what I wrote.

Thus, I am an immortal writer.

I have to keep on thinking and learning to live longer.
I have to keep on teaching and writing to live forever.

© Chaouki Mkaddem
July 2nd, 2013

Tell Me!

Why some people do not ponder
Before acting or uttering words of wonder?
Is it out of denseness or narrowness?
Or maybe due to immaturity or impulsiveness?
Or just to vex or show rudeness?
Are they aware of the repercussions
Of their irresponsible actions
and verbal aggression?
Shall we resort to avoidance
Or wear a costume of patience?

© Chaouki Mkaddem
July 9th, 2013

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Tunisia is a North African country
Bordering on the Mediterranean Sea,
Algeria and Libya and not far from Italy
Rich with cultural diversity because of its history

Tunisia has existed for millennia
Its roots grew deep in every era
And attracted every mania
For expansion and eudaimonia

It fascinated the people of Phoenicia
Who founded the cities of Carthage and Utica
That neighbored the land of Numidia
And flourished solely in the whole area

Carthage became the envy of the Roman Empire
That waged in three Punic wars and set the city on fire
Then garnished the entire area with Roman attire
That has stood still for centuries and refused to expire

Other civilizations succeeded to the land of Tunisia
The Vandals came and so did people from Arabia
Then the Ottoman Empire usurped the area
And retained it until the French colonial era

A resistance was born to struggle for national liberation
Seventy-five years needed to become an independent nation
Habib Bourguiba led the independence generation
To build the nation focusing on public health and education

The prospect of enjoying democracy was but a dream
The first leader started a well-tailored autocratic regime
After thirty-one years, a new tyrant burst on the scene
But overthrown by the oppressed population’s piercing scream           

The Jasmine Revolution brought relief and liberty
And has inspired the whole world of the possibility
Of change and overturning any tyranny
And become the masters of their own destiny

The prospect of democracy is likely to become a dream
Despite the chaos, we still see a gleam
Of hope…

© Chaouki Mkaddem
June 18th, 2013

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Be An Interactive Teacher!

Dear teacher,

It's the early twenty-first century
Time to check your  teaching inventory
So as  to adapt a rich variety
Of classroom roles to share the territory
With learners and afford them mastery
Of their own learning and discovery

Dear teacher,
Say adieu to autocracy and welcome democracy
Overwhelm learners with much interest and courtesy
Create classroom dynamics with great efficiency
And perform an array of roles with high proficiency
To empower learners to achieve the intended competency
And use the target language with accuracy and fluency

Dear teacher,
Get rid of the way you were taught
To get off to a flying start
Facilitate learning and avoid learning by heart
No more prevailing instructions, use directions instead
Make your guidance and assistance a work of art
And make the learning on students' part

Dear teacher,
We live in the information technology age

Time to be a tech-savvy to update your page
And time for learners to take the stage
Forget about being the only source of knowledge
And create productive learning environments to engage
Learners to develop skills needed in the workplace

© Chaouki Mkaddem
June 13th, 2013