Saturday, 26 June 2010

Attract Me!!

If you are typical and your behaviour is so regular,
No need to introduce yourself to the other
Your pages are already without cover
Widely open and prompts no interest to discover
And you are to nobody a wonder
As if sailing in a very clear weather
No mist, no haze or storm that calls a darer
No mystery to attract a discoverer
So plain like a plain with no juniper
Squeeze your brain and deep in you create a hidden corner
In which you hide your own chickens from the old farmer

If you are eccentric,
No wonder if you become cynic
Your behaviour is ambiguously cryptic
And becomes impossible to decrypt
You make it hard for us to depict
Any meaning or any clear effect
Even your steps are impossible to expect
Because your life is no longer rhythmic
And no wonder if it lacks logic
Because your world is mystically mystic
Take off the obscurity and be no longer enigmatic

If you are you and to me you are true
And you are neither model nor abstruse,
You are welcome to the crew
Where each member is in his own shoe
Sharing secrets and hide few
I want your plain mysteries be a challenging issue
Not too puzzling but providing a clue
Calling me to investigate your inner gamut and virtue
Attract me and let me study you
Like an ocean always allows us to grab something new

© Chaouki Mkaddem, 2010

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